Radio In Korrekt

In Korrekt kurz vor dem Relaunch

Ja, es ist still geworden hier in der letzten Zeit. Die geplante Urlaubsphase mußte ein wenig verlängert werden durch einige Umstände im Real Live, aber jetzt basteln wir wieder. Am neuen Webauftritt. An mehr und neuer Musik. An neuen Sendungen. An mehr Übersichtlichkeit. An vielen neuen Features und und und. Kurz: Ihr könnt euch freuen! Sobald wie möglich präsentieren wir euch:

Das neue rI.o !

Zunächst wird der reguläre Sendebetrieb wieder aufgenommen, ab nächster Woche gibt es z.B. wieder SoundsLikeSunday.

Bis dahin,


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Taliban brennen Radiostation ab

Wie steinig und schwierig der Weg zur Demokratie in Afghanistan ist, zeigt folgende Meldung. Laut einer Meldung aus der Mailingliste asiapacific-general von (Associacion mondiale des radiodiffusuers commautaires, World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters – Artikel bei Wikipedia folgende Nachricht, die ich hier im Original widergebe:

Radio Yawali Ghag of Sayedabad district was burned down by Taliban last
Sanjar Qiam of Salamwatandar network wrote :

A large number of Taliban fighters attacked the southern district of
Sayedabad in Wardak province at around 02:00 AM today. A fierce battle
broke out between police and Taliban using small arms and RPGs. The fight
continued for three hours until the dawn, Taliban fled when Army
reinforcements arrived from Kabul. A talib fighter body is left at the
scene; however the accurate number of casualties from both sides is not
yet confirmed.

In the first hour of attack, a group of ten or twelve came to the radio
station, tied up and beaten the guard. “they took one computer and the
guard with them, but burned down everything else” said Hazratuddin Nosrat
manager of yawalighag radio station. The guard was later found alive in
the mountains.

Radio yawalighag is a community radio station and an affiliate of salam
watandar network. The station was broadcasting around ten hours a day,
including four hours of salam watandar. The radio station board adopted an
editorial policy inline with the local culture. “we had appropriate
programs. In sayedabad we have to strictly adhere with Islamic principles”

said hazratuddin Nosrat. The radio station since its establishment has
managed a good community relation. it was never threaten by Taliban or any
other group. The destruction of the station wasn’t a deliberate target but
rather an opportunistic sabotage action. According to radio station guard,
the Taliban could have been local, they had a wardak accent.

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das kleine field recordings festival – radio day – it is done

hello everyone involved in das kleine field recordings festival – radio day @!

a long broadcasting day is over and i want to say thank you to you all. the
works i got were quite diverse yet each of it was very interesting and the
combination of it rewarding.

another _very_ special thank you to ruben patiño who worked together with me
via telephone this morning to get up and running for streaming live from
berlin. i do appreciate your patience and dedication.

thanks a lot for making this such an interesting day of sonic excitement,

and last but very definetely not least thanks to rinus for his ideas,
enthusiasm and willingness to get all this going. hats off to rinus! it is a
pleasure working with you.

i don’t know how you all feel, but i would like to do something like this
again. and then maybe really with some more time on my side for a proper
preparation and some more really life performances.


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das kleine field recordings festival – radio day – august 10 2007

das kleine field recordigns festival presents a special radio day at august 10, 2007.
This day consists of several parts, one taking place exclusively at Several artists present prerecorded works, among those special performances for this event. Then there will be in-store performances at Staalplaat in Berlin.

I myself am very sorry I cannot be there on location but together with Ruben Patino we will do our best.

The radio broadcast will start at about 14:30 CEST. (Please compare local time with yours, there is a clock on the right top of the menu, for your convenience which should show you the time in CEST.)

My extended thanks go to Rinus van Alebeek who organizes this phantastic festival. His enthusiasm and dedication for doing this without money (donations are always welcome!) is marvellous. Hats off to Rinus!

The radio-only section:

  • Paulo Raposo
    Paulo Raposo will perform live.
  • Xabier Erkizia & Tüsüri
    we will hear:
    This will be a performance called „XABIER ERKIZIA & TÜSÜRI play“.
  •, Luis Costa from Bari, Italy and Rui Costa from Lisbon
    Nodar Social Soundscapes
    About the piece:
    “We will do is a live mix (through Skype) of recordings, old and new,
    from the village of Nodar. In Nodar we run our media arts residency center,
    that has a special focus on field recordings and we will mix old tape
    recordings, audio from old video footage and new stuff recorded in DAT.
    Stuff from a period between 1987 and 2007, that is 20 years. We will
    concentrate on the voices of local people, creating an evocative social
    soundscape through the mixing of voices of people who already died with
    people now living, giving a sense of continuity between generations.”
  • Ben Owen:
    We will hear:
    ben owen for das kliene field recording festival, august 10, 2007.
    this piece is mixed from 4 field recordings.
    the first part is a contact mic recording at Jacob Riis Park in Rockaway, NY, on the coast around rocks of a jetty.
    the second recording was made on 060606 in Richmond VA in a drain pipe near the James river in the neighborhood of Orgen Hill. this recording was also made with a binaural mic.
    part three and four were made on the same day in Richmond VA under and on a frieght train line within the vicinity of the drain pipe, also with binaural mics.
    ben owen is based in brooklyn NY and works with sound, transmission, light, and print.
  • Matthijs Vincent Kouw:
    About the piece:
    Unprocessed field recordings captured by Matthijs Vincent Kouw
    ( in the People’s Republic of China between July 3rd and
    24th, 2007. The piece contains recordings made in Beijing, Wudangshan,
    Wuhan, and the Wudang mountains. The piece contains a number of
    different sonic scenes that were encountered: hectic marketplaces and
    streets bustling with life, the serenity of the Wudang mountains,
    ceremonies performed in daoist temples, martial arts practice,
    sonorous assaults by masses of crickets, etc.
    You can view photos from locations where the sounds have been recorded.
  • Seattle Phonographer’s Union:
    „Sept. 23, 2005 Sand Point – Magnusun Park. Bldg. 27“, an excerpt from the 3 hours performance
    About the performer:
    The Seattle Phonographers Union convene to explore the ways in which we recognize, differentiate, map and navigate our sonic environment. Our intent is to move beyond habitual experience of sound and uncover what is foreign in the familiar and familiar about the foreign; to explore what we hear and relearn what we know. Some sounds will be familiar; others less so. Both novel and familiar sounds will be juxtaposed in ways unique to each event. Our intent is to investigate and enrich both our intuitive and analytical relationship with sound. The goal is not to excite, confuse or entertain per se, but to attend to the world, which is much more detailed and diverse than any one person’s perception of it.

In-store performances:

  • rauschpartikel:
    rinus van alebeek said @ :
    rauschpartikel made his debut with tropical typewriter sounds, that made me think of Graham Greene working in a far away colonial world. On his (rauschpartikel’s it is) next debute he changed the domestic sounds of a refrigerator into a mesmerising drone that impressed everyone. Little did Martin know, but I saw it, that Wendy, his collegue at Wendel’s, was doing her barwork in a swift and gentle way. Her movements were like a summer’s breeze (though it was midwinterly February), and the sounds she produced interacted as by magic with Martin’s work. This Friday he will use the sounds that Staalplaat record store will produce, and recompose them in real time.
  • Stephane Leonard:
    rinus van alebeek said @ :
    Stephane Leonard surprised me on both of the former editions with his raw punky approach, offering in this way an audio impression of a molochial metropole hard to dominate, but ever so inviting to explore for whatever adventure. In Staalplaat Stephane will bring his unedited recordings from Berlin, that will lead up to an acoustic story about wandering and wondering.
  • Marta Zapp (xpenelopex):
    rinus van alebeek said @ :
    Marta Zapp (aka xpenelopex) comes from a town in Italy where people drink grappa for breakfast, and where tourists look for the remains of a Shakespearian play. Marta came to Berlin to live and play, because she neither wants to drink grappa in the morning or poison in the night. And what else is there to do in Italy?
    So far she has succeeded to present herself in various locations all around town. Gifted with a very impressive stage presence, she succeeds in leading .. let’s talk for myself.. she succeeded to transmit those first moments of audible bliss when trance sets in. Field recordings and urban witchcraft? In Staalplaat she will present broken melodies.

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Arbeit trotz Sommerpause ,-)

Wie ihr vermutlich bereits gesehen habt, arbeiten wir trotz Sommerpause! Brandneu: jetzt könnt ihr auch bequem über den Browser hören, wir haben einen Flash-Player eingebaut. Natürlich bleiben alle anderen Möglichkeiten (über den eigenen Player) bestehen. ,-)

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